Bookkeeping services apply to every business – small, medium or large. The key to succeed in today’s market is to find your niche. Ask Accounting and Financial Services focuses on small and medium sized businesses.  Our expertise extends to full-cycle accounting and bookkeeping services by either providing assistance for you to do the bookkeeping yourself or to let us handle it and do the final review.

Since each case is individual and there are a number of different professions, we also have available software to suit the unique needs of your profession.

We help you generate reports quickly and easily, we make sure your books fully comply with CRA, we review the invoicing while always striving for accuracy and save you time to focus on other important aspects of your business.


Among the top sources of job satisfaction for the employees is a good salary. It provides job security for them and your business always benefits from satisfied employees.

We take care of direct deposits for your collaborators and for the CRA, bi-weekly, monthly or semi-monthly payroll services and prepare the annual T4 and T5 statements on time. We are here to remind you when they are due and prevent you from filing them late.

Finally, we help you gain a better understanding of your overall financial situation, understand the complex tax system and be on top of things.

Meanwhile, you are leading your business worry-free, stress-free and burden-free.

Small business

Our focus on small businesses based in Canada gives us the privilege of knowing all the accounting, financial and fiscal details to help you face challenges and give solutions for your business.

The tax rules and regulations might be constantly changing but Ask Accounting and Financial Services is always there for you as a steady advisor and supporter for your business.

Whether you are planning on launching a small business or you are one step before registering it, we are always by your side.

Business consulting advice in a competitive market is essential to increase the possibility of your business to thrive and steadily grow by taking several factors (federal and provincial laws, business registration, import/export account opening, etc.) into consideration.

Strategic planning, business planning, business registration, budgeting, bookkeeping, year round accounting services are just some of the services designed for you to make the most of your time, your money and your business.

Always keep in mind that an idea or a dream without a goal is just a wish. Our company helps with making your dream come to life by setting realistic goals while giving you the extra time to expand your business.

The percentage of start-ups and entrepreneurs is increasing in today’s market. We take care of the risk assessment, help you with cash flow analysis and give you advice on doing business inside and outside of Canada. The globalized market requires efficiency, quick and out-of-the-box thinking. While you do this, we make sure to inform you about outsourcing solutions, international tax laws and transactions.


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