The efficiency and detailed work that distinguishes our company will help your business – small or medium – be more profitable by arranging your corporate taxes legally while ensuring that you pay the minimum.

  • We realize that provincial, federal and international tax laws are tricky and detailed and this is why you choose to hire us – we work for you while you work for yourself!
  • Filing and planning decisions are taken in close collaboration with you. Keep in mind that corporate tax returns are due 6 months after your fiscal year end so make sure you plan ahead. We will be happy to assist you and remind you of all the deadlines that need to be met to have an error-free and penalty-free audit.
  • We take care of the corporate reporting, internal control, investigations and forensic accounting and analysis.
  • We provide advice on paying dividends to your shareholders, including your family members over the age of 18 by making the most of the tax laws and we also provide corporate restructuring, HST returns, audit defense and financial statement preparation.

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