Three things are certain in the world we live in. The sun rises from the east, sets from the west and taxes are paid to the government.

Paying taxes may not always be pleasant – but we are here to help! Think of taxes as a way of investment for your country, the benefits you enjoy, the welfare your system provides. Filing taxes is a long-term investment to ensure that you and your family will continue to be supported by a sustainable economy in which you contribute.

A thriving and stable financial environment helps your business grow – now and later!

  • We cater to your individual needs as each person’s financial and tax case varies highly and we take every case seriously and with caution. Your data and personal information is safe with us.
  • Whether you are self-employed or a commission sales agent, a doctor, an artist, a writer, a student, whether your business is in a store or online, we are here to help you get your finances, taxes and business in order. Having your financial house in order is essential for a thriving business.
  • We can offer you help on tax planning, filing your personal tax return to help you make the most of your money, on estate or overdue returns.
  • Bookkeeping is also an integral part of everyone’s business – whether small, medium or large. You decide whether you will do the bookkeeping yourself and let us do the final review or if you will trust our professional expertise to always be on top of the game. The CRA may visit you or call you at any time throughout the year and the last thing a business needs is for the agency to find errors in the tax returns.
  • We can also help with the tax returns of your family members, especially seniors, by preparing them and filing them on time.
  • We have an eye for detail and we are aware of all available credits and deductions to help you pay less money on your taxes while fully complying with the existing laws.
  • General business consulting is also within our field of expertise. Making smart business decisions when facing the challenges of registering or operating your business can be tricky. We make it easier for you by providing suitable advice on expanding your business, on payroll for your employees and deductible interest.
  • Last but not least, budgeting is key to keep track of your assets and liability. A budget tells your money where to go and helps to have your business in order. By keeping track of your profit and expenses, you can manage your work easier and save money you didn’t know you have! Our budgeting advice is essential to help you be more successful in your area of expertise while we take care of the nitty-gritty accounting and tax work.

Our list of services always remains up-to-date and we are ready to answer any additional questions you might have regarding your taxes.

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